Meteorological parameters

Meteonorm is more than irradiation and temperature data only. It gives you access to more than 30 different meteorological parameters for any location worldwide.

Radiation parameters

BhDirect horizontal radiation arising from a narrow solid angle of 6° centered around the sun
BnDirect normal radiation (DNI, beam) arising from a narrow solid angle of 6° centered around the sun's disk
DhDiffuse radiation arising from the upper hemisphere reduced by the direct solar radiation from the sun's disk and its surroundings (6° aperture)
Dh horDiffuse radiation taking raised horizon into account
Dh minDiffuse radiation under clear skys
GhGlobal horizontal radiation ("GHI")
Gh horGlobal radiation taking raised horizon into account
GhmaxGlobal radiation under clear skys

Meteorological parameters

DDWind direction
FFWind speed (FFE, FFN longitudinal and latitudinal part of the wind speed)
FXGust peak speed (format "sia 2028" only)
HTime integrated radiation (energy units)
GAverage hourly radiation intensity (power units)
hsHeight of sun [°]
mxMixing ratio [g/kg]
NCloud cover [octas]
LGGlobal illuminance [lux]
LDDiffuse illuminance [lux]
pAtmospheric pressure [hPa]
RDDays with precipitation (> 0.1 mm)
RRPrecipitation [mm]
RHRelative humidity [%]
wPrecipitable water [cm]
drDriving rain [mm]
SndSnow depth [mm] (theoretical for average snow density)
SdSunshine duration [h]
TaAir temperature (2 m above ground)
Ta min/maxLowest/highest hourly value of air temperature (per month)
Ta dmin/dmaxAverage lowest/highest daily temperature
TdDewpoint temperature
TpWet bulb temperature
TsSurface temperature (5 cm above ground / grass)
tlLinke turbidity factor [-]