Tailored and comprehensive assessments

Our expertises are individually customized assessments of the solar irradiation at your project site and for your specific requirements. Our experts analyse all available data sources and provide you with a trustworthy and independent first or second opinion on the solar irradiation.

Additional data sources

An expertise is the ideal supplement to the Meteonorm software. It takes external data sources into account which are not available through the software.

Usually, our expertise contain information on the following topics:

  • Solar irradiation (Gh, DNI)
  • Data quality
  • Distance to weather stations
  • Variability, trends
  • Uncertainty
  • Exceedance probability (P90/P10)
  • Climate change (IPCC scenarios)

Uncertainty analysis

An expertise contains a detailed analysis of the uncertainty of the solar assessment. The uncertainty mainly depends on the number and the quality of weather stations available in the vicinity of your site. Different data sources – including different satellite data – are compared and taken into account.

Build on our experience

Our expertise gives you access to 30 years of experience in solar resource assessment.